F xx NEW!! Pollin for Breeders

Twisty Seeds

$ 80.00

New!!! we are prod to be the FIRST from all seed companies to offer Pollen for breeders... we have hand selected our pollen from top in-house male/fem fenos of ours for the world to enjoy,, from the novice to the pro breeder, anyone can benefit.

create your own blends/aromas/flavs tht best work for you..

CBD thc / CBN1

white Berry Zinger (feminized)

Palm Beach Sour (Feminized)

Juicey Stripe Zebra (feminized)

Monkey Buisness (Feminized)

Marshmallow Candy Yams (Feminized)

Starburst Bubba (feminized)

Rainbow Punch CBD (feminized)

Cripple Creek Cookies (male)

Super Sour Grape (male)

Pink Sprite (male)

Golden Goat Creamsicle (male)


(due to polling shelf-life strains will very monthly.)

   email us for strain list selections.

we recommend storage in a freezer/dry & dark area until needed.
also to thaw out from being cold/freezer before use.

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